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Heleen de Coninck interview at Radio 4 Brainport

Radio 4 Brainport interviewed Heleen de Coninck about her Maanrede at Nieuwe Maan festival: 
"Heleen de Coninck's Maanrede at the Parktheater Eindhoven was an inspiring pitch with a personal drive to collectively tackle climate change. Reaching social tipping points is a hopeful sign. Radio 4 Brainport an opportunity to capture her study in English, now on the radio and on Spotify"

Radio 4 Brainport:

Heleen de Coninck is frequently seen on stage to pitch her drive and her hope to contain climate change. As a co-author on IPCC climate reports, as professor of Technology, Innovation & Society at Eindhoven University of Technology and associate professor at Radboud University in Nijmegen, she feels the urgency to increase knowledge about environmental issues, but at the same time she is hopeful that we can revert the course towards catastrophic changes.At the Park Theater, in her "Moon speech", she pitched that we should change global systems in order to tackle the major environmental problems, thus apply major changes to industry, transport and mobility, but also the food system.
Is the weather reaching tipping points in warming the planet, from where irreversible changes with set on and accelerate further warming? She sees social tipping points from the population really starts to think and behave differently, and collectively strive for new values.Jean-Paul Linnartz interviewed her for Radio 4 Brainport, following her "maanrede".